YesGraph's invite flows boost B2B acquisition and activation metrics

Build a high performance invite flow with one line of code, including contact importing. Plus YesGraph recommends who users should invite - the right decision makers at the right companies.

Build a Viral Marketing Channel in Minutes

Fully-Featured UI
Customize your user's invite message, share to social media, copy a referral link, and much more.
Web and Mobile Integrations
YesGraph comes with native-looking UI out of the box on iOS, Android, and Web.
YesGraph iOS SDK 100

Targeted Invites
Maximize the number of invites sent and accepted by suggesting contacts to invite.
Easy to Share
Enable your customers to drive traffic for you. Know who their most valuable connections are.

Make Personalized Invite Recommendations

Analyze Address-Books to Suggest the Best Contacts

YesGraph iOS SDK 100
Filter the Noise
Our ranking process begins by filtering low-value contacts like 800 numbers or no-reply emails, and pulling new data sources.
Leverage the Social Network
YesGraph figures out who your best users are, and gets you referrals to contacts like them.
Learn Constantly
YesGraph's ranking engine improves with every invite sent and accepted.

Track your Viral Growth

Always Up-to-Date Analytics Dashboard

Customizable Graphs

YesGraph tracks how many invites are sent and how many invites are accepted. Learn how people share your products.

Begin Measuring

Be Fast, Be Secure

Trusted to deliver a consistent, performant service

YesGraph iOS SDK 100
Dedicated Support Team
Our engineers and growth experts are excited to support you. Get in touch with us!
Fast Response Times
Speed matters, so YesGraph consistently ranks and returns address-books in milliseconds.
Safer with YesGraph
YesGraph is dedicated to privacy and security. We’re not a data broker. Our systems are designed with you and your users' security in mind.

YesGraph Helps you Grow

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