YesGraph Helps Your App Grow

Boost the performance of sharing and invite flows by recommending exactly who users should invite. We use machine learning and social graph analysis to tailor results just for your product and users.

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How YesGraph Works

We’re like your own growth team, letting you focus on your product.

Better Results, Automatically

YesGraph finds which kinds of friends make the best invites. We use machine learning to find what makes your best users. And then we help get more of them.

Your Growth Team, Without The Team

We’re like a dedicated growth team working on your hardest data problem. You can sit back and focus on making a great product - we’ll optimize your viral growth.

Cleaned Up Contacts

We remove robots, merge contacts, and filter out stale contacts. Not as sexy as machine learning, but it is essential for a great user experience.

Private and Secure

YesGraph is dedicated to privacy and security. We’re not a data broker. We’ve designed our systems with you and your users security in mind.

How to Integrate

We’re dedicated to make YesGraph easy for developers to integrate.

  • Users
    We train our filters to match people that look like your best users. See /users for more.
  • Invites
    Past invites tell us what kinds of contacts are sent and accepted. For example, business apps aren’t the same as photo apps.
    See /invite-* for more.
  • Contacts
    YesGraph operates primarily on user contacts -- across Facebook, email, and phone numbers. Twitter and LinkedIn coming soon!
    See /address-book for more.
  • Ranked Results
    YesGraph ranks a users contacts, available right after you send them in. See /address-book for more.

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