Hiring is a team sport

You can do 50%+ of your hiring via referral. YesGraph ranks your contacts to match the job to make one-click referrals. Invite your whole team to scale your referral recruiting.

How it works

Send out the job

Let us know what you're looking for, and YesGraph helps you contact people you trust to recommend quality candidates. It’s more personal than posting to a social network and much less work than asking people individually.

Referrals flow in

The people you choose make private referrals from a ranked list of their contacts on LinkedIn and Facebook. It only takes a minute or two, and using YesGraph yields far more referrals versus manual requests.

Get in touch

Pick your favorites and get in touch. Each referral has a natural path to a warm introduction through the person that referred them. Lucky for you, they’re much more likely to respond to their peers versus strangers.

We’ll engage the

whole team to help

YesGraph lets anyone make quality referrals, inside or outside your company. But we email only those you choose—we’ll never spam your contacts. YesGraph lets your team pick from a ranked list of their contacts on LinkedIn and Facebook, yielding far more referrals versus manual requests.

Why referrals

Cut out hours of
screening resumes

Compared to other candidates, referrals are the fastest to hire, stay the longest, and come in at the lowest cost. YesGraph makes it easy to find them.

Worried you’ve tapped out your referals? Not likely.

Top employers like Facebook and Twitter hire more than 50% of their hires via referral. YesGraph is based on their scalable referral hiring processes.

Try it now. It’s free.

YesGraph helps you use your social connections to find the best candidates in your network.

All your contacts remain private, we share only those you choose. We never contact your referrals without asking you first.