Meet our team

Ivan Kirigin
CEO & Founder

Ivan leads the YesGraph team, specializing in product, strategy, and growth. Most recently he worked on growth at Dropbox, which he helped grow 12× in two years. He also worked in engineering at Facebook, prior to which he co-founded the Y-Combinator backed startup Tipjoy.

Vincent Driessen
Tech Lead

Vincent architected and built YesGraph from day one, and leads the product engineering. He has more than fifteen years of engineering experience, including extensive work in the open source community, as the author of a few popular open source projects. Read more at his blog.

Guillermo Torres
Design Director

Guillermo leads design for YesGraph. Most recently he spent four years at Adobe designing their designer/developer products, as well as leading the design team for their new Edge product line. Before that he spent eight years in the agency world at AKQA and Method, working across development, design, and design management.

Jonathan Chu
Full-stack Engineer

Jonathan is a full-stack engineer at YesGraph. He has over ten years of web development experience in a variety of industries, ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. He enjoys all things Python, Emacs, and is a proud Bronze-Leaguer in StarCraft II.

George Hickman

George is an engineer with a love of the terminal and Python. He has experience from various sectors including the financial and pharmaceutical markets. When not coding he can usually be found in Minecraft or reading a good book.

Judith Shahvar
Operations Manager

Judith wears many hats at YesGraph from managing the office and culture to customer service and recruiting. Her interest in working with startups developed while she was managing an incubator program in the adtech space. She likes to get things done and wears a smile while doing it. Other things that bring a smile to her face are snowboarding, doodling and dancing.

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