Frequently Asked Questions

What is YesGraph?

YesGraph helps you grow faster. We boost the performance of sharing and invite flows by recommending exactly who the end user should invite. YesGraph uses machine learning and social graph analysis to tailor results for each customer.

YesGraph is for web and mobile apps. It’s for referral programs, friend invites, social networks, and sharing flows.

Why should I care about YesGraph?

For many companies, word-of-mouth is the best growth channel. Your customers love your product -- help them spread the word with a refined sharing and invite flow. Targeted referrals often have a much higher conversion rate than publishing to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

How does YesGraph work?

YesGraph cleans, enhances, and intelligently ranks your end user’s contact lists. When end-users try to refer or invite a friend, YesGraph will supply the de-duped and intelligently ranked contact list for them to choose from. By bringing the most relevant contacts to the end-users' attention, end-users are much more likely to send successful invites. YesGraph's algorithm improves as more historic invite data is collected for each user. YesGraph can also train the algorithm to favor not only successful invites but also invitee retention & in-app spending.

How long does it take to integrate with YesGraph?

If you can leverage our SDKs, it should be less than a day.

At a high level, apps send data to YesGraph, and we send back better data. For contacts, that means ranking to boost performance. For web apps, this often means connecting to something like email accounts and getting contacts. Then this is rendered as a suggested list to the user. For mobile apps, this means getting the mobile address book. We are happy to help you figure out a plan. Please contact us at

How long does it take to see results from integrating with YesGraph?

As soon as you integrate with our API, every request passes through a default machine learning model trained on millions of contacts and returns a ranked list of contacts for your end-user to invite. As you continue to use YesGraph, our default model will learn more about what works for your specific app. The more invites are sent and accepted, the more efficiently YesGraph will work for your app.